You Deserve Personalized Orthodontic Care

benefits of personalized orthodontic care

Tuckahoe, NY – You’re unique and so is your smile. And when it comes to seeking out orthodontic treatment for that smile, you want treatment that is as special as you are. That’s where the experts at Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics come in. Led by Dr. Sam Polan, the team at Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics knows that no… Read more »

Why Does My Child Need a Palatal Expander?

Palatal Expander

Bronxville, NY – A palatal expander is a device that creates more room in the mouth by working to widen the upper palate. That may sound a little bit scary, but palatal expanders are a very commonly used appliance and can provide your child with their perfect smile.  “We recommend the use of palatal expanders for… Read more »

Don’t Forget to Wear Your Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands

Riverdale, NY – To get the smile of your dreams, you have to put in a bit of work to ensure that your treatment stays on track. To brushing and flossing frequently, to avoiding certain foods, to maintaining all follow-up appointments, you are an active participant in your treatment. One important facet of treatment to… Read more »