Proud to Serve the Tuckahoe Community 

Tuckahoe, NY – The team at Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics aren’t just passionate about orthodontic treatment. We’re also passionate about our community. We are proud to serve the Tuckahoe and Westchester area! Dr. Sam Polan is local to the area, having attended New Rochelle public schools from kindergarten through high school. He considers himself incredibly lucky to… Read more »

You Deserve Personalized Orthodontic Care

Tuckahoe, NY – You’re unique and so is your smile. And when it comes to seeking out orthodontic treatment for that smile, you want treatment that is as special as you are. That’s where the experts at Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics come in. Led by Dr. Sam Polan, the team at Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics knows that no… Read more »

Will Braces Stain My Teeth?

Tuckahoe, NY – Taking proper care of your teeth and gums is always important, but never more so than when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. You’re working hard to follow your orthodontist’s directions in order to keep your treatment on track. Don’t let that work be wasted by slacking on your oral care routine.  Impact of… Read more »

What Are Invisalign Attachments?

Tuckahoe, NY – Patients of all ages love the discreet orthodontic treatment option provided by Invisalign. Not only are Invisalign aligners clear, they’re also removable, so you don’t have to adjust your diet while in treatment. Invisalign offers a discreet and comfortable way to get the smile you’ve always wanted. However, there are some things that… Read more »

Your Braces Are Finally Being Removed – Now What?

Bronxville, NY – You’ve no doubt been waiting for your braces to be removed since the day they were placed. But when that day finally comes, besides being ready to celebrate a beautiful new smile, what should you expect? Dr. Sam Polan of Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics explains what will happen at the appointment and what you… Read more »

Why Does My Child Need a Palatal Expander?

Bronxville, NY – A palatal expander is a device that creates more room in the mouth by working to widen the upper palate. That may sound a little bit scary, but palatal expanders are a very commonly used appliance and can provide your child with their perfect smile.  “We recommend the use of palatal expanders for… Read more »

Tips for Getting Used to Wearing Invisalign Aligners

Bronxville, NY – Invisalign treatment is a wonderful way to get the smile you’ve always wanted, but just like any other orthodontic treatment, it can take a bit to get used to. Dr. Sam Polan of Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics explains Invisalign treatment and offers his top five tips for getting used to wearing your Invisalign aligners…. Read more »

Why Do I Feel Like My Teeth Are Shifting?

Tuckahoe, NY – Have you looked in the mirror recently and thought your smile doesn’t look quite as straight as it once did? You aren’t alone – as you age, it is natural for your teeth to shift over time, whether you’ve had previous orthodontic treatment or not.  “Many adult patients come in seeking orthodontic treatment after they’ve… Read more »