Your Braces Are Finally Being Removed – Now What?

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Bronxville, NY – You’ve no doubt been waiting for your braces to be removed since the day they were placed. But when that day finally comes, besides being ready to celebrate a beautiful new smile, what should you expect? Dr. Sam Polan of Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics explains what will happen at the appointment and what you can expect moving forward.

“Braces removal day is always a favorite in our office, for both our patients and our staff,” says Dr. Polan. “We love the excitement of our patients as they see their new smiles for the first time. It’s a pretty quick and straightforward process to remove your braces, but we want to make sure there are no surprises for you.”

Dr. Polan will use a special metal device to loosen each of the brackets from your teeth. This is a painless process, and once all of the brackets are loosened, it allows him to pop the braces off in one piece.

Once the brackets and wires are safely removed, we’ll do a thorough cleaning of your teeth. This will ensure any plaque residue is removed. We’ll also polish your teeth to ensure all of the bonding material that held your brackets in place is removed. 

Once your teeth are clean and polished, we’ll take digital images and X-rays to ensure the result is what we expected. This will also help us craft the perfect retainer to hold your teeth in shape. 

The entire process takes about an hour and should be completely pain-free.

You may notice that your teeth and gums feel a little bit sensitive in the days following braces removal. This is normal. Maintain a good oral healthcare routine, brushing twice a day and flossing once, to ensure your new smile stays healthy. 

It can also be beneficial to stick to softer foods in the first few days after braces are taken off. Your teeth will need a bit of an adjustment period before you jump into eating all the foods you had to avoid while in braces. As your sensitivity starts to wane, you can slowly begin to add more foods into your diet. 

We recommend also scheduling an appointment with your dentist after your braces are removed. Your dentist will love getting to care for your newly straightened smile and help ensure stays healthy and bright. 

It’s important to follow all care instructions as provided by Dr. Polan once your braces are removed. This includes wearing your retainer as directed. We know you want to show off your new grin and another appliance isn’t ideal, but keeping your straight smile depends on wearing your retainer as directed. If you skip out on it before your smile has had time to set in its new location, your teeth may drift back to their old locations. Wearing a retainer ensures your new smile stays put. 

It is important to never attempt to remove your braces on your own. You could damage your teeth, including chipping, cracking, or breaking them, which could result in more severe issues. You could also cause injury to your gums, which can lead to a risk of infection. 

Dr. Polan and the team at Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics can’t wait to celebrate your new smile with you. If you have any questions or concerns during your treatment, please call us at 914-654-1859.

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