What Are My Aesthetic Braces Options?

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Tuckahoe, NY – Today when you learn you have to wear braces, you no longer have to be worried about being called a metal mouth. While metal braces are still a popular option, they are more discreet than ever before, and there are more aesthetically pleasing braces options than ever before.

“Orthodontic technology continues to improve every day, and we love being able to offer our patients the latest and greatest options when it comes to perfecting their smiles,” says Dr. Sam Polan of Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics. “More adults are turning to orthodontics and are looking for discreet ways to straighten their teeth. Our cosmetically pleasing options work wonderfully for patients of all ages.”

So, what are the options for straightening your smile?

  1. Metal braces – This is what most people think of when they think braces. But, today’s metal braces aren’t like those of the old days. Today’s brackets are much smaller and lower profile, offering a much more aesthetically pleasing look than before.
  2. Clear braces – Many people love the idea of metal braces, but even with the lower profile brackets, still don’t love the idea of how visible they’ll be. Clear braces are a great option for those patients. The ceramic brackets will be designed to blend in with your natural tooth color, making them much less visible than standard metal brackets – but with similar efficiency.
  3. Clear aligner therapy – Clear aligner therapy, such as Invisalign or 3M Clarity aligners, offers an almost invisible way to straighten your teeth. Aligners are designed to fit over your teeth, and are made of a smooth, clear plastic. Invisalign and other aligner systems use a series of removable aligners to guide the teeth to their new locations, and this is an excellent option for many patients.
  4. Lingual braces – This type of braces offers the highest degree of aesthetics because they will be completely invisible to anyone who sees you smile. Lingual braces fit along the tongue side of teeth, meaning no one will even be able to see them. Dr. Polan is pleased to now offer INBRACE lingual braces, the most advanced lingual braces system currently being used.

“Dr. Catherine Woo of Riverdale Family Orthodontics and I have recently become 2 of the first the first INBRACE providers in the area, and we are so excited about offering this great new option for patients,” says Dr. Polan. “There are many advantages to using INBRACE, and cosmetics is only one of them.”
INBRACE offers better hygiene for patients due to the design of the brackets and wires. They are smaller and more comfortable, and make it much easier to brush and floss than other metal bracket braces. INBRACE also uses patented SmartWires that are designed to optimize both the comfort and efficiency of your orthodontic treatment.

INBRACE and other aesthetically pleasing braces options are changing the orthodontic world for the better. If you have been putting off orthodontic treatment out of fear of unappealing metal braces, now is the time to learn more about the many options available to you. Call Tuckahoe Family Orthodontics today at 914-654-1859.

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